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How do snakes get into the toilet?

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 Snakes in the Toilet? 

How do snakes get into the toilet?

Welcome to the New Homeowner's Nightmare.

Even Tonto Dikeh cried out about her fear and concern after seeing the viral videos of snakes in the toilet.

How do snakes get into the toilet?
Many more people are scared of the new situation because it seems like there is snake invading people’s homes 

A lot of people are concerned about this situation especially after a lady was said to have died from a snake bite when she was using the toilet in her apartment, this made many people start asking questions like “HOW DO SNAKES GET INTO THE TOILET” 

How do snakes get into the toilet?

Snakes can get into toilet bowls through the connecting pipes and pits outside the house or get into the house, or fall into the toilet bowls after being in the house
To understand how entry through pipes and connecting pits happens, one has to first look at the structure of the toilet bowl and how it connects to external features of the solid waste system of a building 

How can one stay safe? 
How do snakes get into the toilet?

How do snakes get into the toilet?

Do not visit the toilet without a lamp
Always inspect the toilet bowl and its surroundings before use
Do not use the toilet floor as packing space. Keep your toilet and space tidy such that it is easy to see at once whether it is occupied by foreign bodies.
Inspect vent pipes, soak-away pits and inspection chambers, ceilings, roofs, walls, windows periodically for holes, breaks and loosed coverings. Repair this as soon as they are noticed.
Hire the right people to maintain or clean your home or shelter.
Allow good and clear space between your building and surrounding structures such as fences and trees from which snakes can get into buildings. 

Fumigate your building with snake repellents and other fumigants periodically
Take care of your house so that it will take care of you. 
How do snakes get into the toilet?

How do snakes get into the toilet?


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